About Us

Learning Tree Preschool is a ministry of First United Methodist Church and was established in 1980 as a nurturing ministry of this congregation to families in our community. We believe that each child is a child of God and should have every opportunity to develop physically, intellectually, emotionally, socially, and spiritually to his/her fullest potential.
As a Registered Childcare Ministry, Learning Tree Preschool will abide by the guidelines set by the State of Indiana for Registered Childcare Ministries.
Our Mission Statement
Learning Tree Preschool (LTP) is a developmental, child-centered, multi-ethnic school. Children receive developmentally appropriate instruction in motor, socio-emotional, language, and academic skills.
The mission of LTP is to create an atmosphere in which children can develop curiosity, independence, self-confidence, creativity, and social skills through teacher-directed and self-initiated activities. This can best be done through an age-appropriate curriculum and close family/child/teacher interaction.
Our Beliefs
  • All children learn according to their unique learning styles.
  • Children learn through hands-on experiences created and facilitated by the staff.
  • Children learn best when provided a variety of experiences.
  • Age-appropriate materials and activities must be available to children for self-initiated play.
  • Helping children develop independent skills will assist the child in meeting with success.
  • Children work/learn best when they are in classrooms with small child/staff ratios.
  • A competent staff is critical for the success of LTP.
  • Communication from the staff to parent/guardian and parent/guardian to staff concerning each child’s development is crucial.
  • Quality care must be provided at a competitive, affordable cost to all children.
  • Parents/guardians must be aware of, supportive of, and involved in LTP to make their child’s school experiences a success.